Black Heritage Society


We would like to thank you for the support and interest that you have continually provided to the Black Heritage Society (BHS) so that the mission-the acquisition, preservation and exhibition of materials relating to the history and culture of African Americans in the State of Washington can be achieved. Those individuals who are interested in becoming a active board or committee member may contact the board at

The Exhibits Committee will explore innovative ideas that will increase our exhibits to include more exposure in the entire state. The Membership Committee will explore new ideas in acquiring new members, including implementing a system. The emphasis must be on the acquisition of new members that are sufficiently motivated to contribute time and creativity including but not limited to fundraising activities. Let me know of your ideas to increase membership and visibility.

Remember, we are not limited to collecting and preserving history. We can also be the writers of history.


BHSW is pleased to announce the officers for the 2014 - 2016 term. The election took place at the Annual Membership meeting, which was held on Saturday, June 14, 2014.

The new officers are as follows:

The Vice-President position is still open. Interested parties should contact Monette Hearn at:

About Us

Our History

The first meeting of the committee that was to become the Black Heritage Society of Washington state was held at the home of Esther and Donald Mumford on March 20, 1977. The general purpose was the mutual desire to preserve the history and art of Black people of Washington State. Discussion ensued concerning the geographic scope, fundraising, kinds of articles to collect, methods of collecting, protection of donations, location of a museum and informing the public of the efforts of this group.

To support the society’s purpose and to promote public awareness, the Black Heritage Society held the first exhibition entitled “A Preview of a Proposed Museum of Black History and Art” in September 1977. Events over the next decade included “Seattle’s Black Women Writers, “Roots, Stems and Roses Festival: A Celebration of Black Families in Yakima”, historic tours, An Annual Pioneer Awards Dinner, “100 Years in East Madison”, “Black Coal Miners in 19th Century Washington State” and milestone celebrations.

The Constitution and By- Laws were instituted
The First Annual Meeting and Heritage Tea was held on June 1st at the Central Area Senior Center.

The first Black Heritage Society Newsletter was published in May. The Black Heritage Society of Washington State name was formerly adopted during the June Annual Meeting

The Black Heritage Society participated in the first centennial celebration relating to Black history in Washington State in April. The theme was “100 Years in East Madison based on the 1882 purchase of a twelve-acre tract of land by Seattle pioneer William Grose.

Membership cards were introduced in July. The Black Heritage Society began the quest to have the mini-park being constructed on 30th Avenue between East Denny and East Howell as a memorial for William Grose.

The organization was officially incorporated as the Black Heritage Society of Washington State, Inc.

General Membership Meeting features “Landmarks bearing names of Black People”

The Black Heritage Society exhibited “Seattle’s Black Women Writers, 1900 – 1980" and “100 Years in East Madison."

Members sponsored the dedication of William Grose mini-park located on 30th between East Denny and East Howell Streets.

The first Black Heritage Society exhibit at the Douglas Truth Library was “Lifting As We Climb” depicting work of Seattle women from 1889.

Annual Meeting and Heritage Tea celebrates “Black History in Tacoma”

General Membership Meeting celebrates “Toil and Struggle: 100 years of Men’s Work”

President Joe Warner builds exhibit case and donates it to the Douglas-Truth Library for the Black Heritage Society displays.

General Membership Meeting features “Bremerton Celebrates Over 100 Years – A Story Untold”

During the 1990 decade, Black Heritage Society members participated in various community events and exhibits:

In 1996, the African-American Heritage Foundation awarded The Black Heritage Society a grant for the preservation and archiving of the Society’s stored collection of valuable heritage memorabilia. The transfer of The Black Heritage Society’s collection of memorabilia and exhibit materials from its storage site to the Museum of History and Industry was completed.

Our Mission

Our Mission The Black Heritage Society of Washington State, Inc. is a non-profit organization dedicated to the acquisition, preservation and exhibition of materials relating to the history and culture of African-Americans in the State of Washington .

To fulfill its mission, the Society:


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News and Events

Meeting Times

The Black Heritage Society Board meets every 2nd Saturday of the month, except during July and August, from 11:00am - 1:00pm at the Central Area Senior Center.

Board meetings are open to the General Membership. Although only members of the Board of Directors can vote at these meetings, the General Membership is encouraged to participate in open discussions.

General Membership meetings are held in October, January and May. They are open to the public, and are announced in the Newsletter. All members are welcome to attend.

ROOTS Voices Project

ROOTS Voices is an audio/visual project that records the stories and history of African Americans who are life-long residents or re-located individuals driven by pushes and pulls of the Great Migration to the Northwest. The project was developed in 2013 as a collaboration between the Black Heritage Society and the NW ROOTS Committee.

The stories are collected once a year, on one afternoon at the annual ROOTS Family Picnic by teen video-graphers who are the listeners that record the memories of storytellers. The Black Heritage Society is the recipient of the digital stories that are archived for public access as a resource linked to their collections.

There will be an upcoming storytelling event at the Roots Family Picnic!

42nd Annual ROOTS Family Picnic
Sunday, August 31, 2014, 11am – 5pm

Sam Smith Park, 23rd Ave & South Massachusetts St, Seattle, WA 98144 (on the I-90 lid)
For more information, contact:


BHS Impressions: a digital history project

The Black Heritage Society of Washington State,Inc. is seeking stories and memories from individuals of African descent who attended high school in the 1950’s.
If you would like to participate in the digital exhibit or be selected for a digital interview that will be included in the Black Heritage Society archives, click here. For more information, or to volunteer for this project contact,

Get Involved


Collections Committee

Outreach Committee

Education Committee

Exhibits Committee

Program Planning


The term of membership year is from July 1 through June 30 of the following year. BHS offers the opportunity to become apart of a “New Era” of documenting history and celebrating our culture.

The Black Heritage Society offers members:
A an experienced board with dedication to the mission of the society,
A quarterly newsletter (January, April, July, October) highlighting the goals and progress of the society
Thought provoking topics and community awareness during quarterly meetings in January, May and October. Annual Meeting in May. This first-class affair pays tribute to groups or individuals whose occupational or voluntary contributions have enhanced the heritage of African Americans in Washington State.
Volunteer opportunities for speaking, presenting and exhibiting during events throughout the year. An invitation to participate in or facilitate topics impacting the society and Black communities of Washington State.Special recognition in printed advertisement and special events
A standing invitation to donate your family history and candidacy for our oral history collection
The honor of being a part of a unique history of collecting, and preserving more Black memorabilia than any other historical Black organization in Washington State.

Levels of Membership

Enrollment as a member of the Society is available in the following individual categories:
Level Amount
Youth $5 (under 18 years)
Individual $15
Friendship $25
Supporting $50
Sustaining $100 *
Organization $200 *
Life $500 *